Phalanx Rings: Class At Your Fingertips!

Ring For Girl: Phalanx RingsThe current trend in jewelry is the phalanx ring of the simplest to the most sophisticated; there is something for everyone, and different inspirations: ethnic, medieval, classical, rock … Ultra chic and original, no doubt it will soon be standard which cannot happen.


Its origins


Phalanx ring dates back to Pharaonic Egypt, but also existed in the Middle Ages when, articulate, she was a full half-finger. Today it has been given to date again. “Knuckle Ring” in English that is literally ring phalanx, or “ring finger tip” are the most common names. A brief overview of this ancient gem reappeared on the surface, and its current trends and uses.


Summer love


The ring phalanx is already the must have Spring-Summer: discreet adornment if it is a simple ring, it is also found in grandiose styles such as the medieval Gothic, it is then called “ring armor “(or articulated, cited above). It is often, too, the image of an animal, particularly the serpent, which is reminiscent of his Pharaonic origins. If the ring is fine it is possible – and advised the contrary! – To wear with one or two rings on the same finger, depending on the layout that you like.


Which to choose?


If you’re more traditional, a simple ring should suit you, gold or silver, or Diamante, if you are fancier; opt for the Egyptian style that will make your ring more authentic! For fans of ethnic, there are jewelry phalanx Mayan-inspired, or death’s head to show her dark rocker or soul. For even Shakespearean romantic effect, Venetian style is especially recommended.


The height of chic


Can bear rings phalanges in various combinations to create different set that we associate, why not, to clothes or the rest of her jewelry: all gold, all silver ornaments or simple adornment evening … Fashion is also now the metaphorical triangle, which gives a little mysterious and symbolic side reminiscent of that of the eye of the Masonic Providence: it is to have the rings in a triangle at the end of a major example and the other two framing, located on the second phalanx as classic rings. But it goes without saying that the combination is above all a choice that may correspond to a token that you own.



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